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Your health is your greatest wealth. Make sure you invest in it.

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My name is Aimée, I live with an autoimmune disease and I changed my lifestyle to treat the disease holistically. With rheumatoid arthritis, life can be challenging to live a 'normal ' and pain free life. I made the tough and scary decision to treat my disease holistically, without any medication or pain killers.

At age 24, my right knee started to swell again and I tried to brush it off. After a year of icing & discomfort, I finally went to the doctor to see what was wrong. I was sent to a rheumatologist and I proceeded to do all the tests that I did at age 16. I was diagnosed with RA and it was finally made clear to me that there was no cure for this autoimmune disease. I was put on methotrexate right away; swelling went down but they weren't the results my rheum wanted to see. She drained my knee, gave me cortisone shots, but I still had swelling. She then added Humira to my medication regimen. The first 3 months were magic, no pain and all the swelling was gone. But then I started to have major neck & back pain. I explained to my rheumatologist my pain and I believed it was from the medication, but she told me that it would be temporary and that I should be fine. 

I believed her and went on to live my life, which now was resting all days because of the fatigue from the methotrexate, not eating because I was so nauseous and tired to eat from the methotrexate, trying to find some pain relief and was constantly in the bathtub for relief but I found none. There were times when I would call out sick for days because I was in so much pain I couldn't do anything. The last straw was driving home from work, in tears, making it to the front door but then falling to my knees. I couldn't walk any more, I crawled to my bed to try to feel better, but I couldn't get up. I laid on the floor, crying in pain. I couldn't live like this anymore-I thought about taking my own life.

I started to see an acupuncturist and she told me that I had blood clots behind my neck and on my shoulders-she told me to stop taking all medication and turn to an anti-inflammatory diet. I haven't turned back. I cut out gluten in the beginning and I was frustrated the first 3 months of this transition because I didn't see results. After the 4th month, I saw huge changes: no inflammation in my body, more energy, less nausea, more hair on my head and less pain. From there, I cut processed sugars, dairy and processed foods. I now live the active lifestyle I have always wanted. I run half-marathons, I do Crossfit, I hike strenuous hikes, I swim and I travel. 

I created this website as a guide of my continuous journey. This way of life may not work for you or you may not want to give up your medication (I would consult your doctor before changing your regimen), but maybe you can cut & paste some of this information into your life & see if it improves your quality of life. Much love & good vibes to you always!



My goals are to improve the quality of my life and be an example to the community that this goal can be reached. My goals are to be a voice to the autoimmune disease community and make people aware of this awful disease. My goals are to motivate and give hope to people who need a little inspiration. My goals are to be there for people who feel alone, know I will and can always be there for you. You are not alone.