It's All in Your Head

I recently informed my co-workers about my Rheumatoid Arthritis and I let them know that I didn't want sympathy, I wanted to educate them on this invisible disease. After this new information I gave them, some co-workers came up to me expressing their apologies if they ever made my day a little bit tougher or if they ever offended me. I got a lot of positive feedback; however, I have some co-workers and other people who just don't get it. Even after I tried to explain over and over again that their is no cure (yet) and that I'm in constant pain, they still don't seem to grasp the illness.

I have a co-worker who asks me almost every day how I'm feeling and when I respond "I'm in pain today." or "I'm not feeling too hot today." He always responds with "You'll get over it." or "Good thing pain is only temporary." or my favorite"Well, you don't look like you're in pain." 

You may ask "Aimée, why do you keep on giving him a response that will make him say comments like that?" and my response is, so he will stop saying those responses to me and maybe other people in his life that may be battling with an invisible disease. 

So today I wanted to give you a list of my favorite sayings since I've had RA. I'm sure you've all heard these before. Please let me know your favorite sayings or ones that I've missed. 

  • You don't look sick.
  • I have RA in my elbow too.
  • My grandma has RA.
  • Just take some pain killers.
  • Maybe you need to exercise more/less.
  • It's all in your head.
  • Aren't you feeling better yet?
  • Have you tried calcium pills or glucosamine?
  • You're too young too have arthritis.
  • I know someone with RA, but they have it worse than you!

***I challenge you all not to stay quiet if any one of these comments bother you.

Stay Strong RA People!

Aimee Matsumoto