"No One Takes Care of Me!"

The other day I broke down in tears on my little sister’s lap as she massaged my neck with her cold hands. In my distressed cry, I mumbled out “No one takes care of me” and began crying some more. She rushed to get an ice pack and asked what else I needed. She massaged all my limbs as we watched “Bring It On!”. 

As I cried watching Kirsten Dunst cheerlead that afternoon, I began to wonder about my statement-"no one takes care of me." Was that true? And if it was true, why was no one taking care of me since I've told everyone I have rheumatoid arthritis and my health varies day to day. I'm in pain nearly every day-so why was no one helping me out?

I realized that even though I have stated that I have RA, I put a big front and I don't ask for help when I'm feeling weak. When I walk with a limp that doesn't necessarily mean that people know I need help or I'm feeling awful.

I need to start speaking up when I am in pain and when I can no longer go on. I know it's hard to admit to someone that you need help, especially if you're afraid of seeming weak. But sometimes you have to set your pride aside and let others take care of you.

After my sister asked me what I needed and I told her, I felt great. Taken care of and listen to was a great change of pace. I realized I need to speak up on how I feel.

You need to do the same if you're feeling like no one is helping you or you're feeling distressed.  These are the steps you need to do:

  1. Realize you need help.
  2. Set aside pride.
  3. Don't be afraid that you sound demanding.
  4. Don't feel guilty for being taken care of. 
  5. Enjoy the care.

I hope you can start speaking your mind and letting others take care of you; because nothing is worse than battling this disease on your own. You are stronger than RA-but it's OK to have a sidekick in your corner.

Tell me if you have trouble asking for help and what do you do to cope? 

Aimee Matsumoto